Donate to Nonprofit Sector Foundation!

Donating to our organization will help us to find and help more nonprofits with their business management. Assisting charities ultimately helps communities in need.

The Need: What is funding needed for?

We are connected to multiple charities who depend on us for resources, assistance, and guidance. We work with organizations to help them to raise money and hire staff.


For example, New Millennium Movement ( is an organization focused on youth development and connects them to mentors. The organization was struggling before we began helping them. During the pandemic, they received funding to hire and retain employees, and continue serving the community.


We want to do more! We are constantly approached by organizations outside of our service area. Funding our cause would allow us to help more.

How we will use your donation: We plan to use the funding for program staff to find and train job seekers, and to find and assist nonprofit organizations in Riverside County, CA. Both Nonprofits and Job Seekers receive all services free of charge.


We would also use the funding to pay for any costs associated with keeping up our websites. ( &

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