Training charities to have Multiple Revenue Streams & build capacity

The mission of the Multiple Revenue Streams Project (M.R.S. Project) is to bring awareness to the many different funding types nonprofit organizations can access to fund their programs.


Nonprofits that need help with raising funds can join this project and become our Nonprofit Affiliate or NA! Building Multiple Revenue Streams, will aid in the sustainability of our NA's.


The cost is $200 per quarter, with the choice to leave or continue our services each quarter.


Want to GET IT NOW?

The benefits of this project:

  • In-depth business operations assessment

  • Guidance with funding readiness

  • Grant leads – we provide a minimum of 10 leads

  • Customized grant search results

  • Grant tracking recommendations

  • Fund development - we help you create a written fund development plan

  • Grant writing – we will write one grant for you (of our choice)

  • Grant reading – we will read and critique one grant for you

  • Fund raising – we recommend many ideas customized for your organization

  • Leadership development – we offer bi-weekly check-ins for accountability

  • Referrals for free capacity building services (where available)

  • HR/admin activities support through employee share (limited)

  • 20% off our online workshops


Nonprofit Affiliates go through a 4-Step Process. Not all organizations will need the same things to be compliant and ready to receive funding. Our tailored, customized approach ensures that nonprofits are aligned properly to receive funding.


  1. Assessment – In order to properly help nonprofits, we need to first know where they are in their journey.

  2. 1-on-1 – Scheduled 1-hour phone call or video call to discuss assessment results.

  3. Action Plan – All MRS Project participants will receive a written action plan (to include a fund development plan / funding model) with goals, deadlines and assigned tasks on what to do next to raise money and hire staff.

  4. Accountability Check-in – All MRS Project participants are required to respond to MRS Project staff check-in every 2 weeks to report accomplishments and resolve challenges.


Once all four steps are completed (usually within 3 months or less), and desired funds are raised, organization is eligible to join the Careers for a Cause program Employer Project.


Quarterly cost to help one nonprofit through the MRS Project = $1500


YOU SAVE $1300!


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